Goulet Trucking is built on a foundation of safety.

We begin with hiring the industry’s best drivers.

Then we continually strengthen their skills and attention to safety through our award-winning training programs that go above and beyond what is required by local and government standards.


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All Goulet Drivers are held to the highest standards for safe driving and safer service.

  • Our drivers have HAZWOPER training annually
  • All incidents are investigated to find cause and try to eliminate
  • Must pass rigorous DOT physical to ensure they are up to the job
  • Driving records reviewed annually to ensure compliance with DOT regs
  • Potential drivers are prescreened to ensure they will fit into our culture of safety
  • Provide the tools needed to ensure the driver can accomplish their work in a safe way
  • All drivers utilize onboard computers for log books and communication to stay in strict compliance with the FMCSA regulations


  • Strict Maintentance Schedule to keep vehicles maintained above the FMCSA standards
  • Equipment is ordered and outfitted with driver safety and comfort in mind